10 Types of Toxic People That Mentally Strong People Avoid

Here’s the deal guys.  I don’t normally like to post too much from Elite Daily because I think the majority of their articles are just boiler plate, “get us more likes and shares” garbage that is just recycled lists of stuff that don’t offer any real value.

That said, this article was on point.  I saw it floating around the internet today and had to add it to my blog because I just resonate so much with it.

Let me tell you how I feel about labeling people (as in, labeling other people as toxic, whiners, complainers, and lazy).  I know some people feel like we are labeling people or judging people by lumping them into the category of  ‘toxic’.  Firstly, toxic isn’t meant to imply someone is a bad person, a terrible human, or anything like that.  Toxic just means that they are energy suckers and that they are not contributing to your growth and goals.  Relationships are meant to build us up.  Maybe that’s selfish, but I really think every relationship exists because each person benefits from the relationship in some way (emotionally, financially, spiritually, and for some, physically.)

The second concern I have seen people have with ditching toxic people is the ‘loyalty’ issue.

“But they’ve been there for 10 years”, “But we go back”, “But I stay by my people’s side no matter what.”

Look, in my perfect world everyone who has always been there will always stay there.  But that is a fantasy world.  People change, interests change, goals change, and habits change.  Friends are people with whom we share a common bond, common goals, or common interests.  But what if your interests change?  What if your ambitions changes?  Unless your friends are willing to adapt and evolve with you, they will likely either A) not be interested in hanging out with you as much, or B) give you shit for changing (thus becoming the popular term hater).

Or, on the other hand, if you find your friends leaving you in the dust, maybe it’s because they are evolving and you are staying the exact same.  You don’t want to be that guy/girl.

But my main point with all of this is:  there is nothing loyal about sticking with people that are screwing your life up.

I’m serious.  Negative, complaining, whining, lazy people screw your life up.  They spread their negativity to you, and it really is impossible to be completely impervious to their drama.

And the real kicker is this:  Instead of trying to “handle” other people’s problems, you could be spending that time with people that inspire you.  People that inspire you to grow, people that inspire you to work harder, people that inspire you to eat healthier, and people that won’t enable your bullshit excuses about why you can’t be everything you want to be and more.

So with all that said, below is the article.  Kudos to Elite Daily for posting something worth reading.

The 10 Types of Toxic People That Mentally Strong People Avoid

Let me know what you think!


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Robbie Hendricks

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