Why Millennials Should Become Entrepreneurs Now

Finally, finally.  An article on Entrepreneur about how my generation, the Millennials, should become entrepreneurs now.

I believe people are born entrepreneurs.   Babies don’t ask for permission to do things.  They create, they explore, they adventure.  Children believe in everything.  An unconditioned child sees potential and possibility in anything.  They want to do their own thing, they want to strive, they are naturally ambitious.

I believe people avoid becoming entrepreneurs because they are taught from day one that risk, failure, and “being different” is wrong.  Yet, where would any of us be without entrepreneurs?  There would be no iPhone, no delicious beverages, no ultimate frisbee, etc.  There would be no music, no rock stars.  No _______ !!! (insert your favorite thing here).

Interestingly, in an economy and society where following the norm is now equivalent to enrolling with the masses in financial mediocrity (or worse), chronic disease, and divorce (all 3 of which you are more likely to have than the positive alternative), wouldn’t being “normal” be the biggest risk of all?  Isn’t it possible that safe is the new risky, and risky is the new safe?

As an entrepreneur, I have a quality of life that I was taught by traditional education is unobtainable until the Fortune 500 company with which I found myself employed allowed me to retire with benefits.  Instead, I marched to the beat of my own drum starting at 19 years old, and it has completely redirected and reshaped my entire future for myself and my family.   I failed a lot, I still fail a lot.  I had to go through growing pains.  There were times I wondered how I’d pay both my rent and my cell phone bill.  But it was all worth it.

And according to Entrepreneur.com, a lot of other people in my generation are discovering the same thing.

Check it out:  Why Millennials Should Become Entrepreneurs Now

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Robbie Hendricks

Robbie has been an entrepreneur for over 10 years. He has spoken at over 500 events and seminars over 30 states and 8 countries worldwide. Robbie an active partner or investor in over a dozen companies spanning from online media to medical management. When he isn't planning his next business move, he is working out, playing with his dog Neo, or cheering on the Ohio State Buckeyes.

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