5 Tips for a Happy Entrepreneurial Life

5 Tips for a Happy Entrepreneurial Life

For those of you reading this blog that are currently entrepreneurs, you certainly understand that entrepreneurship isn’t always sunshine, lollipops, and chocolate chip cookies.

Sometimes people see my lifestyle, and although not rich, I do get to enjoy the perks of being an entrepreneur.  I wake when I wish, work when I wish, travel when I wish, and play with my dog when I wish.  It’s truly a blessing.



That said, entrepreneurship can be seriously daunting.  The entrepreneurs of the world are usually the most ambitious, passionate, and driven people, but they are also the people that don’t know how to enjoy the journey and appreciate the ‘smaller’ things in life (of which life is truly made).  Very often, entrepreneurs are caught up in future days, grand visions, and “when we make it” types of attitudes.  Though exciting, it can also lead to an entrepreneur depression of sorts, getting addicted to a finish line that really doesn’t exist (considering, we as all know, there is always another level up!).

So with that said, I thought this was a great, relevant article for those of you diving into your passions and ambitious.  So check out the 5 Tips for a Happy Entrepreneurial Life.

(A life which, in my opinion, is already 100% better than most who choose not to follow their dreams.  There are varying levels of stress, and I’m happy to choose the stress of calling my own shots and living my passions.)

Check it out on Entrepreneur.com:

5 Tips for a Happy Entrepreneurial Life

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Robbie Hendricks

Robbie has been an entrepreneur for over 10 years. He has spoken at over 500 events and seminars over 30 states and 8 countries worldwide. Robbie an active partner or investor in over a dozen companies spanning from online media to medical management. When he isn't planning his next business move, he is working out, playing with his dog Neo, or cheering on the Ohio State Buckeyes.

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