August, 2016 – Colorado


I have a long running list of places I’ve never visited, and at the very top of my list was Denver.  I’ve had quite a few friends that left Ohio to move to Colorado yet I’d never been – so this was it.  And let me say – I see why they rolled out.

If you’re even remotely an outdoors, craft beer, or active person, the Denver area will likely be the greatest trip you ever take – and you may not return.  From hiking, to biking, to beer, to skiing, and more – this is the place to go for some glorious freedom.  I truly enjoyed Estes Park, hiking Red Rocks, driving a Hummer through backwoods trails, and of course, enjoying The Great Divide Brewing Company.  One week was absolutely not enough time to really experience all that Denver and Boulder have to offer, so I am truly looking forward to my return.


Hanging out at The Great Divide Brewery


Checking out Pike’s Peak


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Robbie Hendricks

Robbie has been an entrepreneur for over 10 years. He has spoken at over 500 events and seminars over 30 states and 8 countries worldwide. Robbie an active partner or investor in over a dozen companies spanning from online media to medical management. When he isn't planning his next business move, he is working out, playing with his dog Neo, or cheering on the Ohio State Buckeyes.

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