About Robbie Hendricks

robbie hendricks

Hi, I’m Robbie, and I believe in freedom, passion, and adventure.

As a freshman in college, I started my first business from scratch.  Although generally clueless, through hard work, late nights, and study, I was able to build it into a company that did over $10 million in sales.  Along the way I was introduced to great human beings.  These were people with purpose, freedom, and passion in their fields, and it was through those great individuals’ influence that I discovered that my life’s calling was in entrepreneurship, investing, consulting, and blowing the doors off of the “standard operating procedure”.

Since I first opened that business 15 years ago, I have branched out into over a dozen different industries, from real estate to internet marketing, and have built multiple companies – some great, some not so much – that propelled my career.  Along the way, I completed my MBA and worked to gain as much real world and academic experience as I could, all in an effort to prepare myself for bigger and better projects that make bigger and more profound difference in the world.

As it stands today, I run my own investment and venture capital company, RBH Holdings.  RBH Holdings has funded over a dozen startups and real estate projects since 2012, and we are constantly looking for new, excited entrepreneurs to support.  We also consult, and use our vast experience in marketing, social media, and digital marketing to help bring existing businesses into the modern marketing era.

Please feel free to give me to contact me.  I’d love to connect.  You can also find me on LinkedIn.

About This Site

My site probably looks and feels a bit different than your standard “look how great I am” website for a business or consultant.  Frankly, I’d rather you get to know me and my life a bit while considering me as a business partner or consultant for your company.  I share my travel log because one of my core passions is travel, whether it’s down the street to a new brewery, or to the South African savannah.

I also blog once in a while, and I’ll typically share articles that inspire me and excite me me, or I’ll write a blog post of my own based upon current events or people that have stirred my interest.

I prefer to be authentic, on both my website and working with my business partners, and only choose to work with people that appreciate that.  I find that we are all looking for the same thing, and I like to share a bit of my life on my website to help you understand that I am just like you…so let’s get to work!